At T.QING, we are committed to reducing our environmental is an evolving goal for us, we have a duty to ensure we implement sustainable practices and, as a company, adopt a strategy that is both responsible and ethical.
It is to be congratulated that, Our leather goods are made from premium European leather, sourced from trusted suppliers. Our leather goods are in possession of an audited certification from the Leather Working Group (LWG). Through their LWG accreditation, we can ensure that all these tanneries have been assessed as compliant with environmental best practices within the leather manufacturing industry and are following guidelines for continual improvement.

T.QING Leather Materials

We take great pride in the quality of our materials.



In selecting materials and production processes, we prioritize sustainable development and refuse to sacrifice environmental protection for cost or convenience.
Acting with a positive environmental impact in mind, we use recycled pulp for our packaging boxes and print with biodegradable soybean ink.

T.QING Packages

All the inks used in the printing process are non-toxic and, together with the finished product, carry certifications from Oeko-Tex to assure they have been tested for harmful substances and are harmless to human health.
Additionally, we are constantly exploring new materials to replace plastic components in our production and packaging, all in an effort to reduce our environmental footprint.
We know there is more to be done and have worked hard to introduce a new range of quality fashion bags that are in line with the concept of environmental protection. We are truly committed to reducing our environmental impact by working hard to ensure that every aspect of our business incorporates the principles of sustainability and both social and environmental responsibility.