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TQING™-Brand Story

From the Origin of Craft Workshop to an Original Handbag Brand

The founder, Amy, was born into a family that has been making handmade bags for generations. Her grandfather is a handmade bag artist with 20 years of experience, and he was Amy's life enlightenment mentor when she was young. Received the influence of family culture since childhood, and traveled to study in the West as an adult. Amy's precipitation and creation in the design field gave her a new understanding and idea of the concept of handbag design. Stylish creativity, deconstruction of classic shapes, a balance in the combination of traditional oriental elements and modern aesthetics, and then presented and expressed through bags. After returning to her hometown, Amy founded T.QING™

TQING™-Brand Story

TQING™-Brand Story

Products are not only Concrete Items but should Become a Warm Existence

 TQING™-Brand Story

Bags can Naturally become a part of Women's Lives, become a Habit, a kind of Companionship

In life, women need to face great challenges, switch between different personalities, and maintain resilience and calmness between transitions. T.QING™, founded by Amy, hopes that bags can naturally become a part of women's lives, become a habit, a kind of companionship.

Pay more attention to the emotional connection, bags can be a way to understand life. An elegant, wise, and independent female image is the spiritual core that T.QING™ wants to convey! And we are also thinking, what kind of design is responsible? The bag itself is like a carrying object, an art of carrying life, which can bring more courage to women and calmly find their true and confident selves.

 TQING™-Brand Story | Handmade Leather Butterfly Large Bucket Bag

From the User's Point of View, Consider the Practicality of the Bag

The brand is infused with the ingenuity DNA of traditional handicrafts. The design concept starts by providing users with an immersive experience. On the other hand, T.QING™ is also designed with heart, using rich manual experience to support modern aesthetics Art.

In the never-ending river of fashion, the classics are reshaped and expressed in a minimalist way, so that users can meet the needs of commuting in daily life, and can also reflect their personal style and taste in a fashion item that they carry every day. 

T.QING™ Ease Leather Bucket Bag


Attracted by Textured Bags, Style-oriented
The bag is injected with modern and simple fashion tension, forming a unique fashion symbol.
TQING™-Brand Story