The Ease Bucket Bag | Our New Must-Have Bag of the Season

The Ease Bucket Bag | Our New Must-Have Bag of the Season

Inspiration of the Ease Bucket Bag


It's no secret that designer handbag trends come and go, but bucket bags are undeniably popular right now.

We would like to introduce our new release Ease Bucket Bag, which is inspired by traditional Chinese Hanfu clothing.


T.QING™ Right-handed Chinese obeisance


The right lapel is a feature that has always been retained in traditional Chinese Hanfu. It symbolizes the life and emotions of an era, following the classics and inheriting rich cultural heritage.


T.QING™ Right lapel


Following the shape and function of the right lapel, the Ease Bucket Bag deconstructs traditional clothing culture into modern vision. The bag body is in simple lines to simulate the curve of the Hanfu skirt, presenting a calm and restrained beauty and unobtrusive personality.


T.QING™ Ease Bucket Bag


This stylish Ease Bucket Bag is in concise design, but can be transformed into different shapes for different occasions. It is a true proof of form and function craftsmanship, integrating fashion and practicality. Designed to fit into all parts of life, we've seen it quickly become a favorite of our fans.


T.QING™ Ease Bucket Bag


Due to its overwhelming success, this beloved Bucket Bag retains the same iconic identity while retaining its own uniqueness.


The hardware buckle was designed to be an abstract geometric shape to define the meaning of the right lapel, which is similar to the overlapping shape of the left and right fronts of Hanfu clothing. Combined with the brand's initials T, with diverse and innovative connotations, this is the special mark of TQING.


T.QING™ Ease Bucket Bag


Function of the Ease Bucket Bag


The bucket bag is specially designed as a functional bag, with the magic adjustable strap, it can be by hand-held, underarm-carried, single-shoulder-carried, and cross-body-carried. The Ease Bucket Bag offers hands-free freedom when worn cross-body.


T.QING™ Ease Bucket Bag


It can fit l your daily essentials, including tablets.


During this process, same as the rest of the bucket collection, our team took great care to ensure that the bag is made by the same high quality first-grain cowhide Togo leather, it’s very strong to withstand daily use. 

Also, the whole bag is sewn by hemp wax thread perfectly and the edges are carefully painted with high-grade water-based oil, to make sure that all details are exquisite.


T.QING™ Ease Bucket Bag


While we are designing a range of go-anywhere bags to hold an extra pair of shoes, an umbrella or even a laptop, the new Ease Bucket Bag is destined to take you from the boardroom to the bar, or wherever you want to go.


The development process of the Ease Bucket Bag

By the way, it takes more than 10 months to polish this style before the final prototype went into production. Our talented design team has adjusted many times including leather type, size, structure and metal details...., just to make the perfect and versatile leather bucket bag.


 T.QING™ Ease Bucket Bag


Bringing it to life in effortless and free-spirited colors, the Ease Bucket Bag is perfect for every woman, and we never lie -- it's our must-have bag for new seasons!

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