TQING™  -Handmade Leather Bags vs. Machine-made Handbags

Handmade Leather Bags vs. Machine-made Handbags

Quality over quantity becomes your mantra as you start to view your clothes with a fresh perspective. Or sustainable, investment-grade apparel and accessories are in while quick fashion is out.

One material has withstood the test of time among all the trends we've seen: leather. Leather has been used for generations as a highly practical, adaptable, and stylish material, particularly for bags, backpacks, totes, and satchels. However, machine-made handbags differ from handmade leather bags, and anything this popular will inevitably be commercialized.

Why? We are here to provide an answer to that query.

Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of handmade leather bags over those manufactured and the key differences you should be aware of.

The Top Differences Between Genuine Leather Handbags vs. Machine-made Handbags

The quality of the leather is the first significant distinction between handcrafted and machine-made leather bags that you should be aware of. Generally speaking, stitching effectively on high-quality leather demands a certain amount of care and attention. Unfortunately, many mass-produced leather bags that machines generate are probably made of synthetic rather than genuine leather.

The finished product's longevity and durability are partly due to the delicate stitching in handcrafted leather bags. So, if these features are important to you, handcrafted is the only option. Speaking of stitches, you can usually differentiate a handmade leather bag from a machine-made one by the stitch style. 'Locking stitch' is a common technique used in machine-made bags.

On the other hand, handcrafted leather purses use a saddle stitch technique. This stitch is created using a special figure-eight technique, completed by stitching the thread at right angles. However, purchasing handcrafted leather totes has advantages beyond the quality of the manufacture. Next, let's look further.

The Advantages of Purchasing Handmade Leather Bags

Given what you now know about the main distinctions between handcrafted and machine-made leather bags, you may already be certain of your decision. However, check out a few additional benefits of handmade leather bags in case you don't.

Lasting Investment

As we have already mentioned, leather is a timeless material. You'll therefore get more use out of your leather handcrafted bag than any other accessory buy because of the durability we just discussed, plus the fact that you'll always be "on trend."

Another constantly popular trend is the "antique" or "vintage" appearance that leather bags frequently have. However, many handcrafted leather bags are genuinely "vintage" and so durable that they are passed down from generation to generation. Thus, this style is more than simply a fad.


Because leather is a naturally resilient material, it can last a lifetime (or perhaps several lifetimes!) when properly maintained. In addition, because the material can sustain tension, it won't degrade with repeated use or from hauling large objects.

Support Small

Farmer's markets and artisan pop-ups are more popular than ever, demonstrating that the general public enjoys supporting "small" businesses. This includes giving local craftsmen and mom-and-pop businesses established by our neighbor's priority when making purchases. Finding handmade leather bags from USA sellers is also highly advised whether you reside in the same area. Not that we don't appreciate our international neighbors, but there's no way always to ensure quality. Also, with shipping and language hurdles, it may be challenging to identify reliable sellers online.

Making Handmade Leather Are Devoted Families

Devoted individuals and families typically produce handmade leather. However, leather artworks result from years of practice and dedication. Therefore, those who have worked with leather the longest typically outlast others. We make this statement because handcrafting leather handbags requires time. For instance, it takes French artisans 15 hours to create a Hermes handbag. With the help of advanced machinery, specialized equipment, and more than 4,300 craftspeople, that is!

A family and a small number of employees for smaller handbag manufacturers typically make your bags and leather accessories.


Undoubtedly, handcrafted leather bags are of higher quality than those seen on the manufactured. But what do we mean when we say that handcrafted leather bags are unmatched in quality because so much time and effort went into designing and making them?

To begin with, the choice of materials used to create handcrafted leather bags is a crucial indicator of their quality. Our handbags and accessories at TQING™ are made with premium leather to ensure durability and a stunning finish. This distinguishes them from the competition. Furthermore, all of our TQING™ handmade leather handbags are expertly crafted in-house. This features intricate cable stitching that enhances the leather's appearance.

Longevity is another important quality indicator. These two traits complement one another rather well. A product's longevity will be increased by using premium materials in its construction. For example, our handcrafted leather bags are intended to last, their premium finish shows it. A handmade leather handbag will last you far longer than manufactured purses, even though it may initially cost slightly more. As a result, you will save money that you would have otherwise spent on constant replacement purchases.


Handmade leather bags are preferred over high-street bags because they provide a more distinctive and special product. Mass-produced manufactured bags result in several imitation products that need more personality and background. With handcrafted leather bags, each piece is meticulously produced by hand for a fully one-of-a-kind product. In addition, your name or a heartfelt message can be engraved on your TQING™ handcrafted leather purse to make it even more unique.

Better for the Ecosystem

Another advantage of buying handcrafted leather bags is that they are far better for the environment than high-street alternatives.
Unfortunately, the production of items in vast quantities depletes natural resources, creates a lot of trash, and pollutes the environment severely. In addition, mass-produced, less expensive handbags don't last as long as individually made leather purses, necessitating more frequent replacement.


Although handcrafted leather goods may cost more upfront, they are frequently a superior long-term investment. They will likely endure a lifetime due to their exceptional construction quality and natural production procedure. So choose a handmade item if you want something made of leather that is both fashionable and durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are custom-made bags so pricey?

The leather is frequently the highest quality cow skin or an exotic animal's unusual skin. Luxury purses frequently have actual gold, palladium, pure silver, or even diamond-encrusted locks, chains, and other metal accessories—a more valuable product results from more valuable materials.

What distinguishes a bag made in a factory from one made by hand?

A handcrafted product is made by hand, not by a machine. So a bag is considered handmade if every part of it is hand-sewn. Contrarily, manufactured goods are created using machine sewing and fabric cutting.

How are handcrafted bags made?

Using various weaving techniques, the natural fiber of silk is combined with other materials to create handmade silk bags. In addition, some handbags appear like woven baskets made from water hyacinths, which can make for stylish beach accessories.

Is handmade leather bag real leather?

Full-grain leather is used to construct all premium handcrafted leather bags.

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